Fourth Alchemical Free Energy Calculations in Drug Design meeting at Vertex

The fourth Alchemical Free Energy Calculations in Drug Discovery workshop is already underway, held once again at the beautiful Vertex facility in Boston. We're livetweeting the meeting for those who can't make it, and have set up a new Slack team to keep the conversation going after the meeting. There's even a job postings page to keep track of the abundant new jobs in computational chemistry and alchemical free energy calculations in industry and academia this field has created. We're thrilled to see so much activity, how far the field is come, and certainly how far the field has left to go.

Slides from my talk can be found here in PDF format.

ICMS Edinburgh Workshop on multiscale methods for stochastic dynamical systems in biology


The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) held a fantastic workshop over the last week here in Edinburgh, covering multiscale methods for stochastic dynamical systems in biology.  It's phenomenal that there are organizations that are strongly committed to supporting the exciting interface between mathematics and the biological sciences, and the enthusiastic discussions at this meeting were a reflection of the enormous potential that work at this interface holds for both fields. These workshops also attempt to engage the public to communicate the importance of this interdisciplinary work through a public lecture series, with Sarah A. Harris delivering a talk on the interface of physics and biology.

PDF slides from my talk are available online, and the talks were all recorded to be posted online shortly.

The Chodera lab is headed to the Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore

Four members of the Chodera lab will be headed to the Feb 7-11 Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD!
Postdocs Sonya Hanson and Kyle Beauchamp will both be giving talks:

In addition, Sonya Hanson will serve as an official guest blogger for the BPS 2015 meeting!  Be sure to tune into the official BPS Blog to follow along!

Talk slides will be posted after the conference.

Rumor has it the lab will also make a brief appearance at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening SLAS2015 conference in Washington DC.